Thursday April 17th 2014

Nature of Business with Chrissy Coughlin Wednesday’s 10-11a

Chrissy Coughlin

Chrissy provides listeners access to the most respected business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and political leaders clearing the path for modernization of business practices focused on efficiency, cost reduction and productivity. Chrissy explores how rapid innovation, nimble management and managing complex, regulatory and environmental issues translate into economic success for local business and beyond.

Nature of Business gets past the small talk and exposes the strategies being implemented by world-class organizations in ways that are easily understood,
every Wednesday and Sunday at 11am!! For more information on the program, click here

Chrissy Coughlin is an independent environmental consultant specializing in
communications strategies, media relations, corporate sustainability, and green
building. She graduated from Brown University and the University of Michigan’s
School of Natural Resources and Environment where she received an MS in
Natural Resource Management with an emphasis on collaborative partnership
building. She is also a LEED Green Associate.

Chrissy can be reached at


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